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Pulau Bawah
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Pulau Bawah

Without doubt the crown jewel in the treasure that is the Anambas Archipelago, Pulau Bawah is a sight to behold.

Located near the southern fringes of the Anambas island chain, Pulau Bawah, or Bawah Island, offers breathtaking natural landscapes, seascapes, superb snorkeling and scuba-diving, as well as moments of secluded tranquillity that are simply unmatched.

As it happens, Pulau Bawah actually comprises a number of islets that make up the whole. These are Pulau Muba, Pulau Sangga, Pulau Elang and Pulau Lidi. Each of these are almost literally a stone throw away from the main island, Pulau Bawah.

By their collective fortuitous positions, this idyllic little cluster has created three natural lagoons, containing water with such gin-like clarity that the coral formations and fish below always appear within arm's reach.

Pulau Bawah's unique features stand out in a number of ways. One of these is the manner in which you can traverse the lagoons' very periphery by foot when the tide has receded far enough.

That said, paddling across the lagoons by kayak or canoe is at least as breathtaking.

Pulau Bawah, Asia's hidden paradise...

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