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Pulau Bawah
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Getting to Pulau Bawah


You will need to go to Tanjung Pinang first, the main port town in Pulau Bintan, which is located just below Singapore. From Tanjung Pinang, you can go by ferry to Anambas, a 7-8 hour trip. Once in Anambas, you'll need to charter a boat to Pulau Bawah.

Alernatively, you take this recently added ferry from Pulau Batam instead.

Once you're in Jemaja, ideally, you depart from Kuala Maras, as the distance to Pulau Bawah is closest from here. The trip takes about 2 hours by speedboat, or 4 hours by pompong, a slower diesel-engine fishing sampan.


A flight is offered between Bintan and Matak. There are two round-trips per week and the flight takes about one hour to reach Matak. You can then charter a small boat from Matak to Pulau Bawah.

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