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The Anambas Archipelago is a group of Indonesian islands located between Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia and Natuna. The main Anambas islands are Pulau Tarempah, Pulau Jemaja, and Pulau Matak, which has an airport and is a base for oil exploration. A new airport is being constructed on Jemaja. Tarempah, meanwhile, is known for being the capital of Amazing Anambas.

All in all, Anambas comprises 238 islands, of which just 26 are inhabited. The anambas population counts just 45,000 people. Most of these earn a living in fishing or fishing-related industries. However, tourism has been gaining traction the past few years, probably as a result of CNN's recent article, announcing the Anambas Islands one of Southeast Asia's most spectacular coastal spots.

Some of these spectacular spots can be found on Pulau Durai, Pulau Penjalin, Pulau Temawan, Pulau Ayam and of course Pulau Bawah. Click Amazing Anambas if you'd like to have a look at all the fun and adventure there is to be had in the Anambas Islands.

Several hostels and hotels in Anambas have become mainstays. These include Wisma Sakura, Anambas Inn, Tarempak Beach Hotel, Happy Home and Hang Tuah. Room rates vary from 250,000 to 500,000 Rupiah. If you prefer idyllic luxury, then Anambas Resort or Anambas Dive Resort are possibly more for you.

Alternatively, you can stay at Nongkat Cottage by the Beach or Pulau Bawah for a tropical paradise experience you won't quickly forget.

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